Welcome To The Real Westeros

HBO’s award-winning television series Game Of Thrones has extensively used the stunning scenery within the Causeway Coast and Glens to represent everything from Winterfell to the King’s Road, The Iron Islands to Stormlands. Now you too can stand on the spot where Lannisters schemed, stroll in the footsteps of Starks, and gaze on grasslands crossed by the Dothraki horde.

Where else in the World can you get the chance to stand in the exact same set where Jon Snow was training Bran to be a better archer under the gaze of Robb & Ned, and have that very same archery session yourself in a Winterfell set.
Follow in the footsteps of the Game of Thrones Whitewalkers in dense forests to find the dire wolves site, and bath in the glory of the ruined castle where the Wolf King, King Robb kept his Bannermen.

Tour of Thrones NI was set up not just to give you a Game Of Thrones Tour, but to let you re-live Game of Thrones for yourself